Omed-omedan mass kiss tradition in Bali Indonesia

Omed-omedan mass kiss tradition in Bali Indonesia

For most people, kissing in public is taboo, especially if watched by hundreds or even thousands of people. But not for young men and women on the island, Bali, especially after Nyepi. They kissed for preserving an ancestral tradition. 

Balinese call Omed-omedan tradition which means attraction. A tradition of mass kiss between young men and women that has existed since the 17th century. 

The tradition of kissing mass is usually held in Sesetan Village, South Denpasar, Bali. 

The Balinese traditional leaders mentioned, the unique tradition originated from a story in a small kingdom in the South Denpasar. There are boys and girls playing and mutual attraction. Then the sound became more rowdy. 

The ailing King provoked his anger, he was soon out to stop the commotion. But while out and saw two of the children, the disease suddenly disappeared and the King recovered. Since then, the King confirmed the ritual omed-omedan or tug performed every year during the celebration of Nyepi. 
However in 1979, the tradition of kissing mass youth was conducted a day after the celebration of Nyepi, the day Ngembak Geni. 

The tradition of kissing mass is only reserved for young men and women who are not married. Done by kissing between boys and girls. They were separated into two groups, men and women who marched to the rear of the longitude of the position facing each other. 

Those who would perform the ritual omed-omedan be picked up at the front with the position. Then they approached each other. Once within range, they are soon kissing. A kiss will stop after elders whistle or spraying water. 

Before performing a mass kiss attraction, they are present in both participants, traditional elders to the watch will perform the ritual prayer. 

The tradition is said omed-omedan been stopped because according to oriental custom. This tradition has also been replaced with two pigs fighting tradition. But then came the assumptions that if tradition omed-omedan not done or is not forwarded, it is feared there will be bad things that happen to people. And since then, the tradition-omedan omed held back every year, exactly a day after Nyepi celebration. 

Despite reaping a lot of controversy, this tradition of success the main attraction for tourists. To keep this attraction orderly mass kiss, the indigenous elders will act as referee. When the increasingly boisterous atmosphere, traditional elders will pour water for the young people up to the audience.

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