Seeking a serene and calm place for taking holiday sometimes is hard. The place where we can enjoy natural beauty while taking a break off daily work. Those who are interested in maritime recreation, snorkeling, sunbathing at the beach, or relaxing at a place of natural beauty, why don’t you stay overnight at Gili Nanggu.

The island of 12,5 Ha area in Western Lombok is managed with Forest/Virgin Island concepts of unexploited nature. The serenity and beauty of this island makes Gili Nanggu a routine destination for many foreign tourists. They call Gili Nanggu: “The Paradise Island”

On the white sandy beach with calm wave, you are guaranteed privacy- no beach traders or unwelcome visitors. This island is private and only occupied by the management and staff of the resort. The enchanting sea casts a strong spell on many visitors. It’s pristine beauty is a magnet to come and play at the beach everyday. Only by going a few meters down to the shallow seabed, crystal clear waters will reveal multi-colored tame marine fishes. And a wide variety of other sea animals can also be seen. Sing-song twitter of birds will accompany you to embrace the sunrise; and natural silence during sunset- creating a romantic atmosphere, making Gili Nanggu a suitable place for couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Enjoy the birds, the view and the beach of Gili Nanggu with someone dear to your heart.
This small remote island is situated off of south-west Lombok. This is an ideal destination for snorkelling. Nanggu is an absolute water paradise with white sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. Come here and experience the underwater world amongst thousands of tropical fish and various sea creatures. If you are lucky you may even see some sea turtles! Make sure you bring your underwater cameras as it is an experience you will want to capture forever! You can take a day trip or spend a couple nights here.

Getting Here
There are three ways to get there. From Sengiggi, you can go directly by boat (2.5 hours). Or, from Sengiggi, drive 2 hours to Taun Harbor, then take a boat (15 minutes), can be reached also From Lembar harbor 40 minute with outrigger boat.

Where to Stay
Gili Nanggu Cottages and Bungalow is the only one accommodation on the island, which is belong to Mr. Gede Bajra, but nowadays manage by PT. Istana Cempaka. The Accommodation you can book through lomboktourism@gmail.com.

While divers are able to regularly swim with black tip, those who prefer to just drifts in the currents with a snorkel, fins and mask are never left disappointed by the more than 6,000 species of marine life living just off-shore.

Fishing is one of the highlight activities on the islands. Deep fishing remain the best on south west of the Gili. Carry your own equipment if you’re not familiar with the traditional-style of fishing.

Travel Tips
» While the Island is busiest from May thorough August, the quieter place off the season from January to April provides a better opportunity to enjoy all the islet has to offer, with accommodation rate is lower then peak season.
» During the peak season (July – August, December, January), most Hotel are full and they mark up the room rate up to 100%. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, you‘d better make a reservation in advanced.

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