INDONESIAN TRAVELING - West Coast Resort. Just one hour drive from Lombok International airport, Senggigi is the main tourism center on Lombok and apart from Gili islands, the most developed tourism area on Lombok island. The town of Senggigi about 10 km north of Ampenan and 30 minutes drive from Teluk Nare and Bangsal harbor and one hour by boat from the Gili's.

Nowhere near as large or as busy as its Bali counterparts, Senggigi is a great base for exploring the rest of the island. The pase is laid back, with activities centered on the beaches and day trips to places of interest, which are all with in a few hours drive from the town.
At night Senggigi (the main street) comes alive. Dine in the many restaurants catering to all taste and budgets, listen to live music at the bars, or dance the night away at the nightclubs.

Senggigi Beach
is the large bay forms the center of Senggigi, with the main road running pararel to the beach, and large resorts occupying the space between. The star rate hotels and boutique resort are nestled in lush tropical gardens, directly located on the beach with the tranquil surroundings and offering full range of resort facilities, equaly attractive for singeles, couple and families.

Senggigi is one of the most spectacular sights on the island is the sunset viewed from Senggigi beach, with the bright orange sun sinking into the sea to west and Bali's Mt. Agung volcano silhouetted on the horizon like a giant pyramid floating in the ocean.
Senggigi Reef, off the southern point, has good coral for snorkelling and in the right conditions, some decent surf breaks. canoes and kayak can be hired from the beach base on hour rental rate. Also outriger boats (Sampan) can be chartered from the beachfront for trips along the coast or heading up to Gili islands for day trips. Adventure Lombok are recommended for outriger boat charter their office located at the Senggigi Art Market.

The main road in Senggigi is lined up with small attractive hotels catering to all budgets, shops, small tour desk, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, many of which have live music in the evening. There are numerous ATM and money changers, a post office and all the normal tourist facilities.
Senggigi is a relaxing and attractive places to stay, with good range of luxury hotels and resorts, as well as mid range and budget accommodations.

Tourism development runs north along the coastal road for about 10 km with many hotels and restaurants positioned along the beautiful beaches that line up the entire west coast.
About 2 km north of central Senggigi, Kerandangan valley has popular beach nearby and some boutique hotels also available Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan [ Kerandangan Nature Reserve ] with clearly marked hiking paths leading through the rain forest along the river. There is a small ranger's hut and visitors center near the entrance and picnic areas with basic concrete tables along the paths. The park boast a small waterfall, pretty river scenery, families of local monkeys and variety of tropical plants and birdlife.

Further north Mangsit has developed as an accommodation alternative to Senggigi with boutique style hotels positioned along the breathaking beaches this section coast.
Furthest north are Klui and Lendang Luar, mainly deserted white sand beaches, flanked by coconut groves and few boutique hotels are developped here., continue all the way north along the coastal road. Malimbu and Nipahare two pictureque bay less than half an hour from Senggigi which are good for chill out, swimming, and getting away from it all.

Teluk Nara and Teluk Kodek are on large bay that forms a natural harbour, about 25kilo meters north of Senggigi. most of the dive operators haveboat here. which transfer guest to Gili islands as an alternative to nearby Bangsal harbour. Also the bay use for fast / express boat arrival from Bali.

Whether you are seeking luxury accommodation at the top resort with fine dining and spa facilities, or a budget holiday with days spent exploring or all choices in between, Senggigi caters for all tastes and budgets. From Senggigi its easy to explore the attractions of the stunning south coast to hop on a boat to famous Gili islands lying just off shore. swim, snorkel, dive, hike, lie in the sun, have a massage, eat, and drink at some of great restaurants and bars in town, or just take a break and be enchanted by the peace and beauty of Lombok island.

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