This is the famous everday street food in Indonesia : Bakso. You will find it everywhere in the whole nation !! Once you taste it, you will never get enough!!. In Indonesia Bakso will be eaten anywhere, anyplace, anytime, starting from early morning as breakfast until midnight as a supper soup lol ;-) Hmmm....It tastes superb & delicious. I think it's hard to find any Indonesian who has never eaten Bakso once in a lifetime!! 

There is no top secret of making tasty & yummy Bakso, not require special trick or nor a MSG!! Only one thing : Just add fried shallots to the daugh. I ensure you, the meatballs will taste simply delicious!! 

Important Tips: 1. Choose the good quality of beef which contains no fat & mince yourself at home. Do not buy minced beef which sold in supermarkets because this type of meat contains a lot of fat & the meatballs will be fallen apart when it boiled. 

2. At the beginning of boiling process, prepare 1 pc at first, boil & wait until the meatball well cooked and floating on the water surface, then taste it. Adjust the seasoning, add salt or sugar if necessary & mix the whole dough once again. Try to boil once more, taste it and so on until the flavor suit to your taste, then you can form the rest of the meatballs and boil them all. It is important to follow this step because once you've get them boiled, but the meatballs taste bland, then you can not rework them back or reverse the process. In a short word, your meatballs will go to the trash bin for sure!! I'm telling you from my own experience :-(.

3. Be careful in choosing wonton wrapper. There are two kinds of wonton wrappers : For wonton soup and for fried wonton. If you use wrong type, I guarantee you, within 2 hours, your fried wonton will be soft & limb eventually. (from personal experience as well ha ha ... what a pity me). So enough with this seminar of making Bakso. The rest...I wish you a happy cooking & Good Luck ..

§  Making Bakso: Put seasoning ingredients for bakso: garlic, fried shallots, salt & sugar in a mortar/grinding stone and grind until smooth.
§  (If you use blender : put the above ingredients in a blender, add 50 ml ice water then blend until smooth).
§  Transfer the mixture into a large bowl, add the tapioca flour or corn starch, mix well with with a wooden spoon. Put a aside.
§  Add the minced beef & egg into the food processor and blend until smooth.
§  Add the tapioca mixture into the food processor, add the remaining ice water and process once again until the dough well mixed.

§  Meantime boiled 3 lt / 6 pints water in a large saucepan. Add 2 tsp salt.
§  Form one of a meatball, let it boil & cook. Taste it and adjust the seasoning accodingly as I explain on the above tipps.
§  (Put aside about 3 tbsp of dough for wonton filling).
§  Form all the meatballl into a round shape and boil until well cooked. The meatballs are finished when they are floating to the water surface.

Fried Wonton:
§  Place the wrapper in front of you, with one corner at the bottom so that it look like a diamond.
§  Put 1 tsp of the meatball dough somewhere in the middle of the wrapper & fold it to the diagonal corner.
§  Pick up the 2 ends that have 45 degrees angle (the ones where the fold is), pinch & seal them with a dab of water on you finger.
§  Deep-fry the wonton until golden brown.

Making the Soup:
§  Boil the broth or water.
§  Stir-fry the garlic & chopped onion for the soup until fragant.
§  Add it to the broth.
§  Add the spring onions, salt, pepper & broth powder.
§  Adjust the seasoning, add salt & sugar if necessary.
§  Add the meatballs into the soup.

Serving Method:
§  Put the noodle & vegetables in a bowl.
§  Add the meatballs & fried wonton. Pour in the soup over it.
§  Garnish with sliced spring onion & fried shallot.
§  Last but not least, add kecap manis, tomato ketchup, sambal & salt to taste.

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